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Any forum needs rules to be followed in order to keep thinks going right.

Here are a couple of rules we (the moderators) would like to be respected around here. Make sure you read them all before posting.

1. Do NOT post offensive material (songs, movies, images with violent content, or *) .

2. Do NOT post offensive replies, or comments, that could affect someone's image, or that are discriminatory.

3. Do NOT post replies IN CAPITAL LETTERS (this might be considered shouting, and shouting is definitely not necesary in here)

4. Do NOT post copyrighted material

5. If your topic was closed or deleted, don't open a new one with the same subject.It will probably be closed or deleted as well (this only happens with useless topics, or ones that have already been discussed)

6. If you need help with something, email the moderators first, then post HELP topics.

7. Do NOT post unnecessary comments just to increase your post numbers. We don't pay you for a larger number of comments, nor give you any advantages. You might only get yourself banned by doing so.

8. Do NOT post comments in other languages. English topic is for english comments, german one for german posts, etc.

9. This is NOT a chatroom so don't use this topic for small or useless talk.

10.Be nice and polite to all the (new) members. If you find it difficult to be nice, then at least be polite.

11. If you consider something is wrong or unfair on this board, always email or PM the Moderators or the Admin. They are the only ones who can help you.

12. When you post images, just post their links, not the whole image.

13. Make your avatar in a maximum size of 150x150 and the signatures max 500x150 (width, height)

14. All topics over 100 pages will be closed, and a second part of the same topic will be opened by the moderator.

15. If you do not agree to these rules, please do not join the board.

16. Do NOT open threads with questions for Tarja.

17. Do NOT open threads, asking Tarja to come back to Nightwish.

18. Do NOT open topics asking how to contact Tarja. Check the official site for contact details.

Thank you!


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